Blood test startup in nature rises to $ 6 million from Bays Nature Way

So far, the corporate world is worried about startups in blood tests that provide health data from a few drops of blood. However, Baze, a personal nutrition startup in Switzerland offering blood tests that you can perform at your home facility.

Only collects a range of exacerbation fluid caps through a device created by MIT, which according to the company. FDA regulations.

The idea is to discover (through your blood sample) which vitamins you miss and prevent you from living a better life.

This is frequented with those who do not want to go to the doctor’s office and to their nearest laboratory for a separate test.

Most health professionals consider it important to know if you are getting the right amount of nutrition – vitamin D deficiency is an epidemic disease that affects calcium absorption, hormone regulation, energy levels and muscle weakness.

An estimated 74% of the US population does not receive the required daily levels of vitamin D

“There are certainly large gaps in the population,” Bays CEO and founder Philip Schulke tells TechCrunch. “[With blood tests] we see that we can already fill these gaps for the first time in the dietary supplement industry.”

Although we do not know exactly how many people have not tried Baze, Schulte says the company has seen new growth of 40% on a monthly basis.

It attracted the attention of Nature Way, which partnered with the company and added $ 6 million to the bus to help Baze in its marketing efforts.

I had a chance to test myself. It is very easy to do this, just open a small pear-shaped device, then put it on your arm, then press it to engage and let it start collecting your blood.

After this happens, install it in the medical package provided and send it to the Baze contracting laboratory.

I say it’s definitely more convenient to infuse yourself on a small device – although it can be tricky if you’re all on high alert, where you’ll see a little bubble in which blood is drawn from your hand.

For anyone who hesitates, it may be easy to just go to the lab and do someone else for you.

The price is also good compared to going to Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp, depending on the vitamins you need for different tests.

With Bays, it’s only $ 100 of pop, plus any additional supplements you want to buy with a monthly subscription after getting your results. The first month of supplements is free with your collection.

Baze will display your results in approximately 12 days (although Schulte tells TechCrunch that the company is working to get your results faster). It does this to a degree and then lists a variety of different vitamins that have been tested.

In total, I was told I needed nutrients with 74 out of 100 points. But I am already good at eating high-quality vitamins.

The only thing that was very stuck was the level of zinc that I was told was out of the chart after testing twice.

Although I have doubts, as I do not show any symptoms of zinc poisoning, it may be because the zinc-based sunscreen has not been wiped long before the test starts.

For those who want to conduct their own home tests and do not fear to shame themselves with their own hands, since it seems you may be handy in the kitchen, by doing so on the bays can go and subscribe.

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