How Amazon Echo Flex review Plug Alexa into any outlet

Amazon wants to place Alexa anywhere in your home, but the design – even a price – can be a barrier to the $ 50 Echo Dot Alexa anywhere.

Amazon Echo Flex is smiling at $ 25 for the sound quality of the Echo Dot, but in return you get a speaker that supports Alexa technology that secretly plugs into an electrical outlet – without the cables – and lets you use your voice to control smart home gadgets. , Check the weather, call your friends and play music.

However, paired with any of its accessories that make up for the 15 Night Night Light or the $ 15 Speed ​​Sensor, the Eco Flex gains extra power.

Whether the EcoFlex is related to our choice of the best smart plugs or the best smart speakers depends on how you want to use it. Either way, its flexibility will certainly earn it a place among the best Alexa devices.

Amazon Echo Price and Availability

Available for purchase on Amazon for $ 24.99 for Amazon EcoFlex. Both third-party peripheral, night-light and motion sensors are sold separately and cost each. 14.99.

Amazon Eco Flex Design

Not to be confused with the Amazon Smart Plug, the Amazon Echo Flex is an extra smart amplifier, though it looks more like an extra carbon monoxide detector than an audio device.

A white plastic case plugs into a conventional wall outlet of 2.8 x 2.6 x 2.0 inches in size of 5.3 ounces. Its wrinkles are on top of the plate facing the wall, so when the Echo Flex is attached, it does not block any outlet on the top.

The front of the EcoFlex features some common Echo speakers: status lamps, two microphones, Alexa wake-up button and microphone adapter.

Underneath the vertically fitted buttons are two small rectangular holes with an internal socket amplifier. There is also a 3.5mm long line on one side but unlike the echo, for example, there is no volume control.

The USB Type-A port at the bottom of the speaker is named EchoFlex. It can be used for obvious purposes like charging your phone.

But it also supports alphabet accessories that are currently limited to night lights and motion sensors.

Amazon Echo Flex Sound

Although it has a 0.06-inch speaker, Amazon does not want to replace the EcoFlex with the best Alexa speakers.

EchoFlex’s tunes sound miserable and blank. Ed Sheeran’s “Shakal Pipilika” did not like the rhythm of the infectious song. It looked like Shiran was doing Richie through an intercom.

But as an internal call, the Echo Flex is great to see. When using the Alexa feature when dropping in or calling someone, I could hear enough to provide a brief message or reminder at the last minute to the person on the other line.

Amazon Eco Flex Smart Features and Privacy

Along with drop-in and hands-free calls, the Echo Flex Alexa supports most of the smart capabilities. You can ask him to turn on your smart light, activate your smart lock, report a weather, and add items to your to-do list.

There are at least 100,000 skills available for Amazon Assistants, so we’ve come up with a list of Alexa’s best skills to help you decide what’s worth your time.

And if you don’t want to allow Alexa to listen, you can turn off the EcoFlex microphones using the external panel button.

But if you leave the speaker out, you’ll get the most out of the device. This way, Alexa can transmit searches and learn how to customize as a default assistant, based on your feedback.

To control your privacy, you can review or delete your search history and records within the Alexa app.

EcoFlex Smart Accessories can work with or without a microphone.

With Alexa action, you can set a motion sensor to send a notification to your smartphone when it detects movements on the smartphone and refreshes the night light to illuminate at a specific time.

Amazon Echo Flex Motion Sensor

Echo Flex Motion Sensor (. 14.99) is connected to the bottom of the Echo Flex via USB Type A port.

When it detects movement, there are small blue status lamp lights next to the dark room in the center of the brick front panel.

You can determine what happens when Alexa detects incidental motion by creating a Alexa Smart Home routine.

I sent it to my iPhone notification with the phrase “Detection Speed” as the ring video doorbell. But you can set it to action like turning on the smart light.

Amazon Eco Flex Night Light

Like Motion Sensor, Night-Lite for Echo Flex (. 14.99) uses USB Type-C for Echo Flex connection and can be set routine.

The default is set to automatic mode, which automatically activates the light when the built-in light sensor detects a dark environment.